We develop custom business software / business applications to increase sales and productivity and to decrease the operational expenses of your company. Our business management software is web based developed, allowing access through internet from any location. 

In the "internet and mobility" area, the web based solutions are the best choice: you will take advantage of the interconnection of online desktop applications, mobile applications (ios, android) and peripherals (bar code scanner of RFID scanner).

When an ERP solution fails (because of high costs involved, inflexible functionalities or a very specific way to run your activity), a custom software (web based) can solve your problem!  Our applications are developed having in mind the best user interface, lightning-fast performance and enterprise-level security.  The custom software development process is performed according with the agile/scrumm methodology.

 You can find below some great ideas about business applications that could really improve your company performance !

DASHBOARD – comprehensive preview of the company activity / graphs, up-to-date reports etc

You can access in an instance the whole overview of sales, employees activities, inventory situation, receivables situation, bank accounts or any other information you may need it. You will have a clear picture of the whole activity in your company right at your fingertips. The information in the dashboard is updated in real time, based on the activities registered by the application. Every application user will have his own dashboard, with the most important and relevant information.

USER management software - manage your team members allowing them different roles and permissions

With a custom business application you will have the possibility to manage your team members allowing them different roles and permissions. Each user will only access the relevant information is interested in, and, most important, your company “sensitive” information is accessible only for the intended users. You can manage the access rights inside the software solution, regardless of the complexity of your organizational chart.


CLIENT & CONTACT management software – everything you need to know about your customers

Building a custom business software for your client and contact management system is a smart decision.  You will always need comprehensive and specific information about them. So why wouldn’t it be all in one place, up-to-date and accessible from anywhere? 


PRODUCT management software - a complete database with your products ready to be used for quoting

With this 100% custom web based software you will have all the products information in one place, in a flexible and easy to use interface.  Even if you have thousands of products, or if your product portfolio cover millions of items, the products management tool we will develop will suit your company in the best possible way. We will built exactly what you need, without restricting you out from technical reasons. You will receive a dedicated tool for your product management system.


PRICING software - pricing optimization & calculations based on your internal price policy

A powerful web based software 100% custom to manage your price policy:  how much you spend for getting your products ready to sell and what are the selling price levels for your customers. You will have a flexible and easy to use application for price management and optimization.


SALES software - which are the sales activities inside the company ?

Having all the sales activities in one place you can make the right decisions for your company. The web based sales software is useful for salesmen, who have a minimum amount of time managing their sales activity, and for the management team, who can see at any time the overall sales status.


QUOTING software - send more personalised quotes spending less time; clients can browse your catalog and ask for a quote

The more personalized offers you send the bigger chances to increase your sales. And if you decrease the time spend on the offers or even let the client generate the quotes online by itself, this business management software 100% custom developed can really boost your sales! 


SALES and PURCHASING COLLABORATION software – helps the sales agent and purchasing department to find the right products for the clients

For the situations when the sales representatives want to offer products which are not in stock or have a complex degree of technical characteristics,  the communication between sales and purchasing department is crucial. A 100% custom web based software can solve this issue giving you the possibility to increase the success rate of quotes.


INVENTORY management software - always know the availability of products and the optimum stock level in your company

With our 100% tailor made software solution we can cover all important areas related with inventory management. Using a custom solution you will get the perfect tool for your unique business processes.


EQUIPMENT RENTAL and ASSET management software - always know everything about your assets

We develop equipment rental management software 100% custom, all the information about your rentals and equipments are available "on click". A business application suitable for companies that rent equipments or for which the assets are very important in the day to day activity. 


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION software - get an up-to-date preview of your clients opinion

If you have satisfied clients, your company is on the right path! With our business management software to handle the customer satisfaction process, you will have an up-to-date preview of your performace.


DISCUSSION software - get your own discussions tool for an easy communication between departments and users

We can develop an easy communication tool that can allow the users to talk about a great variety of aspects in the company day-to-day activity. With a custom discussion wall, the collaboration between your team members will be improved.


CUSTOM REPORTS – real time information about your business performance

We created a great variety of custom reports for our clients giving them crucial information about their company. You can access the business reports from any PC or mobile device. The reports can be configured manually or can be generated automatically, based on your specific needs. 


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