With this 100% custom web based software you will have all the products information in one place, in a flexible and easy to use interface.  Even if you have thousands of products, or if your product portfolio cover millions of items, the products management tool we will develop will suit your company in the best possible way. We will built exactly what you need, without restricting you out from technical reasons. You will receive a dedicated tool for your product management system.


  • will I have easy access to detailed information about product database from any location ?
  • can I integrate my product database with my ERP ?
  • can I easily find any product even if I have a very large database ?
  • will the application be accessible from my mobile phone ? 


Each product can be defined having the most simple or the most complex details:

  • Image gallery
  • Technical information
  • Category assignment
  • Product short and advanced description
  • Packaging information (units per case, units per container etc., weight etc.)
  • Price ranges (depending on price levels) – please also see "Price Management" solution described below
  • Stock information (on one ore more depots) – please also see "Inventory Management" solution described below
  • Offers where the product has been used
  • Success rate in offers for each specific product
  • Unavailability alert: when a product is often searched and has no stock available on most of the searches
  • Acquisition cost 
  • Library of catalogs (in any format – pdf, zip etc.)
  • Any other information you may need 

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PRODUCT management software / Product details / Concept24


 We can develop simple to advanced search engines for your product database, that can be customized for each category. The product lists are easily accessible by filtering information:

  • By name
  • By price
  • By product category
  • By market segment
  • By date entered in stock
  • By date used in offers
  • By stock availability
  • By product responsible
  • By technical information

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Product management software / Product data base / Concept24

The business application will have responsive design:

Product management software / Responsive design / Concept24


The product database can be synchronized with your  inventory software or current ERP (SAP, Oracle or any other provider). The product information which cannot be added in your current application can be easily managed into the applications developed by us.


The product database can also appear on your website. You can establish the information you want to show to the visitors (what type of prices, stock level information or any other information managed into the application).


Any dedicated REPORTS can be created for the top management or the application users. This way, you will have a performant product management system.

The software is web based developed in PHP, using a modern MVC Framework. Entire code and source files will be yours, allowing you the possibility to update the application at any time.

The PRODUCT management software can be used in relation with other solutions for following business areas:

The custom business applications are the best choice. They will perfectly fit your business!

Don't hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation. Send us a brief description of your project and we will get back to you with a dedicated solution for your product management system and a budget estimation.

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