We created a great variety of custom reports for our clients giving them crucial information about their company. You can access the business reports from any PC or mobile device. The reports can be configured manually or can be generated automatically, based on your specific needs. 

CLIENT REPORTS: you can generate reports by any criteria: geographical (city, state, country etc.), by branches, by client activity types, by client profile, commercial conditions etc.


ACTIVITY REPORTS: a quick glance at the sales force activity or a highly detailed analysis of activities by types (phones, conferences, clients visits, offers won, offers lost etc.).


EFFICIENCY REPORTS: you can configure a desired mix of activities to be performed by the sales agents and compare it with what your employees really register in the application. Thus, you can determine the most efficient sellers.


DEBT COLLECTION REPORTS: based on the invoices issued to your clients (synchronization with ERP) and the payment registered by the sales representatives inside the application, you will receive a report with the status of invoices: paid, unpaid, payment promises.


SPECIAL OFFERS REPORTS: which were the most competitive and which were not so well received by the clients; what turnover provided, in any period of time or by any product category.


SHORT STOCK PRODUCTS: which were the most demanded products which you did not have available. Also over stocked products: older stock entries with higher volumes which were not so successful and influenced badly your turnover.


SEARCHED PRODUCTS: the products which were most popular in the user search queries, divided by clients, departments, geographical areas, categories etc.

PRODUCT SALES REPORTS: from the entire portfolio, to a specific product. All divided by any criteria.

APPLICATION USE REPORTS: how much time an user was logged inside the application, what modules used, what module took most time.


We delivered highly detailed reports or very specific ones, where other BI applications failed to manipulate the information and illustrate it in a proper format.

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The web based software solution will have responsive design:


The CUSTOM REPORTS toll (BI solution) can be used in relation with other solutions for following business areas:


Building custom reports for your software is the best choice. You will have access to crucial information in real time. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation of your project.

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