Our ecommerce websites have a conversion oriented design, tailor made features, easily administration interface, clean and secure coding updatable by any web developer and powerfull SEO features. In today's competitive environment selling on line is not an easy job ! We offer custom ecommerce website development services for our clients. Our results oriented methodology is a key factor in achieving a high conversion rate for an ecommerce solution.

You cand find below a list of features for our ecommerce solutions. 

ECOMMERCE DESIGN - every pixel is used for selling !

When we design an e-commerce store we take into account all elements that can bust your sales on-line: navigation flow, trusted elements, interactivity, call to action and usability.

Our designers are focused on using every pixel from your website with a single purpose in mind: a high conversion rate! Through our approach in web-design, visitors will immediately access the information they need and will be boosted in making purchasing decisions.

SEO – all the tools needed for the best ranking on search engines

Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing or local ones ) are the best referals and provides complete visibility in front of your potential customers. The web-site will be handed over with a necessary toolkit for SEO (sear engine optimization).

AUTOMATED OFFERS – let the web site become your best sales agent !

Based on product categories and products visited and accessed, the site will send to visitors automated offers with products in the same range, with a lower price or new arrivals. The conversion rate for such offers is higher than usual one, due to the high degree of customization. The entire process is performed in an automated manner!

NEWSLETTERING – spread the word about “golden deals”

How can become a newsletter an effective tool to increase sales? Having a well-segmented client database and a specific layout design, you will be able to prepare newsletters to your customers with special offers or new products arrivals.

The platform will allow you:

  • to have specific layouts for the newsletter,
  • to add product from the data base directly to the newsletter body
  • to export a client e-mail database using segmentation criterias.



PROMOTIONS – easy to set, easy to announce

An easy tool for creating promotions of any type inside the website. Promotions can be made based on combinations of products, discounts on specific products or products in liquidation of stock. A strong tool for increasing sales.

Using the platform you can announce varied types of promotions, based on:

  • discounts
  • packages of products
  • selloffs

The promotions cand be displayed inside the web-site, using a counter:

  • on home page
  • on the product sheet
  • on the product category

SOCIAL SHARING – a happy customer can bring more customers

Let your customers to recommend all your products through social media or dedicated functionalities available in our platform. You will have following options:

  • Facebook features
    • like button
    • product tagging
    • share acquisition
  • Twitter
  • Review
  • Rating
  • Tell a friend
  • Share wish list

BANNER SYSTEM – exploy the “golden” areas of the web-site

Display your promotions or new products in the most visible areas of the web site, which provides the highest conversion rate: header of the web site or other areas, as desired. The platform will allow you to easily display the announcements.

PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS – increase sales using cross and up-sell features

The platform will allow you to give suggestions during the product catalog is browsed, offering visitors the opportunity to purchase additional products (cross sales) or products with a better performance (up-sales). The options for cross sales and up-sales are available both during browsing and check-out page of the e-commerce store.

SEARCH – finding quickly a product can be a crucial factor in the buying decision

Customers will have an intuitive search tool enabling them to quickly identify any product inside the website. The module will meet the needs of any type of user: looking for something specific, or looking for something generic. Following criteria will be used in searching:

  • exact search the site
  • approximate search
  • autocompletion suggestions

LAYERED NAVIGATION – your client will find quickly the best offer for a specific range of products

Customers will have on hand a tool for filtering products that meet the same criteria inside the websites. Thus, they will be able to quickly identify products that folds better their wishes. You will be able to set from the CMS following options:

  • general filters on all categories
  • specific filters on specific categories

COMPARISON – let your client to take the best decision by comparing products

Product comparison tool (quality / price / technical criteria) is essential in making the best purchasing decisions. In today competitive environment clients need all information for the best buying decision. Following options will be available:

  • add to feature comparison tool
  • view the comparison results
  • save the comparison list
  • send it per e-mail

CLIENT ACCOUNT – all the info for your clients

Acquisition is facilitated by allowing the quick creation of an account from any page of the site. The client has a dedicated area to find all the information related with the activity on the web-site. With a dedicated dashboard for such information, the client feels "at home" and the purchasing decision is encouraged.

The client can create a quick or full account :

  • quick account ( only name and e-mail )
  • full account ( all data )
  • id - data
  • billing data
  • delivery data

The login can be made:

  • from anywhere, anytime
  • using facebook, google or twitter account

The client will have available a general dashboard with following information :

  • orders
  • invoice history
  • wish lists
  • points accumulated
  • vouchers

CHECK-OUT PAGE – they choose some products ? don’t miss de sale !

With a single check out page, the client will have an easy tool to finalize the shopping and a powerful up-selling functionality that allows the increase of value acquisition. Check out page is one of the most important element in the conversion process.

The customer can send the order:

  • with log-in
  • without log-in
  • by phone

Following options are available for products:

  • add item
  • remove item
  • change item

We bust the selling process with:

  • upselling
  • gift cards
  • coupons
  • points

PAYMENT – do you want to close the deal ?

We facilitate the acquisition of products considering the profile of each client. Our ecommerce developers can integrate the site with any supplier for on-line payment services. Following payment method are available:

  • credit card
  • cash on delivery
  • bank payment
  • Paypal


WISH LIST – if the client likes something, don’t let him forget about it

When you look at many products inside an e-commerce store, some of the items could be very interesting. By the time the client finish browsing, it probably have forgotten the ones he liked. By putting items in the wish list he can go back and review the different options and decide which ones to actually buy.

We allow you to:

  • add product to wish list
  • send it per e-mail
  • share it with friends

REWARD POINTS – let the customer know you appreciate him.

Reward the customer with points as a fidelization tool. You should first determined how much a buyer needs to spend to earn your loyalty rewards. E.g. you cand decide that a customer will earn 10 points for each 100$ he/she spend. Those points could become a dollar / euro amount.

We can show the number of accumulated points when the client check-out. When the customer log in next time into the web site you can show the total number of points on the front page of the web site and the client can use it for new shopping.


COUPONS – attract customers with a bonus !

In our platform coupons are easy to implement, easy to track, and they will increase the conversion of your website. The coupon code is introduced in the shopping cart page in order to get the discount.

The coupon codes can be created for a customer that purchase products over an amount of money. The codes can be send in a various of ways: per e-mail, newsletter, hard copy, QR Code.

PRODUCT CATALOG MANAGEMENT – best way to organize your shop

Product catalog offers you everything you need for easy administration, giving you the ability to organize your portfolio as you like. We are able to provide you maximum flexibility due to our tailor made software development approach. Check out some of our features for product catalog management.


Following features are available:

  • unlimited levels
  • category page
  • dedicated fields
  • sorting filters
  • search filters
  • navigation path (breadcrumbs)

Defining product data sheet:

  • name
  • description
  • unlimited technical charateristics
  • price
  • full
  • reduction
  • discount levels by type of customer
  • planned price changes
  • attachments
  • photo gallery
  • zoom in the photo

Management options

  • defining attributes for search filters
  • similar products
  • up sales
  • cross sales
  • in promotion
  • price alert
  • stock availability
  • inline CMS for important fields
  • tags
  • new product
  • option for dedicated display area (home)
  • agreed to be returned by customer
  • product status
  • packages
  • customer reviews

FEEDS FROM SUPPLIERS – import the prices and products directly from your suppliers and producers

Don't lose time in updating your product portfolio if your suppliers can provide you feeds. We give to the possibility to import feeds from your suppliers and manufacturers, automatically making up pricing and products inside the website. 


CLIENTS DATABASE – a centralized database with your clients and their interests

With a centralized information source you can make the best use of the customer database. We provide you a dedicated area with multiple features, everything created for one purpose: to increase your sales!


  • the client dashboard sheet
  • contacts and interests
  • orders
  • invoices
  • contracts

Your sales agents have following functionalities:

  • activities
  • sales opportunities

ORDER MANAGEMENT – what orders placed my customers?

An effective tool that will enable the management of a large number of orders.


  • orders dashboard
  • actions allowed on an order
  • creation
  • view
  • publishing
  • processing
  • status
  • initiated
  • ongoing
  • delivered
  • canceled
  • preorders

RETURN MANAGEMENT - easily management of product return process.

A dedicated instrument for fast management of returns made ​​by customers.


  • return flow
  • supported products
  • partial returns
  • customer notifications
  • transport method return

INVOICING – performance module for invoice management

Invoice Management module is done in a professional manner, having as objective: 0 unpaid bills. Following features are available for an easy administration of the invoicing process.

  • Actions
    • create invoice
    • print invoice
    • send by email
  • Type
    • issued
    • canceled
    • collected
    • un-cashed

Multiple invoices to order


TRANSPORT – flexible transport options


  • Ways for transport fee calculation:
    • customized system
    • flat tax
    • table prices distances / weights
  • Integration with courier companies
  • Allert on delivery
    • email
    • sms

DISCOUNT LEVELS – working with distributors and various discounts levels ?

The online store can offer you the opportunity to set discount levels applied to distributors, depending on the volume of business that you generate it.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT– always updated about your stocks

If you want to be sure that your most popular products are always in stock and available to the customer, an inventory management system is required. If no information about the stock is available, you can register sales decreases and also your customers can become unhappy.


Status of the inventory:

  • Track
  • Out of Stock
  • Out of Stock (it can be visible on the site)
  • Out of Stock (the product is available for purchase)
  • No tracking

REPORTS – find out quickly how the business is running !

The store allows you to run predefined reports on the main modules of the site. We are able to delivered highly detailed reports or very specific ones, where other BI applications failed to manipulate the information and illustrate it in a proper format.


Modules with predefined reports:

  • orders
  • invoices
  • returns
  • stock

INTEGRATION WITH ERP – integrate all business processes

Tailor made solutions allows you to integrate the e-commerce store with various modules of an ERP. We are able to understand your business processes and applications in order to import / export vital information between your store and ERP.


Modules with import / export tailor made options:

  • clients
  • invoices
  • stocks

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