45% decrease of allocated time for a rental operation
35% increase in customer satisfaction degree
15% decrease of operational expense
The Client | UNV Rental Equipment

UNV Rental Equipment is a US based company that provides equipment and services necessary for conferences (projectors, lights, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.).  They have contracts with hotels, medium and small businesses, universities etc.

The Challenge

There were some major problems in UNV Rental Equipment daily activity:

  • time per loan procedure was too long and employee productivity was low
  • clients were unhappy wit the time spent on equipment return procedure
  • the actual software used was rigid and could not be optimized for their changing business model
  • reports about loan activity were almost impossible
The Team
9 years expertise in web application user interface
more than 150 projects managed
zend PHP certificated, 10 years experience in web based software development
5 years of delivering 100% functional solutions
The Process

We asked the client to present us their overall activity and also their daily activity, on high level details. We were most concerned in their current problems, but also about their system advantages. We analyzed their current software and we identified pro's and con's of its usage. We identified all the particularities in their activity, the main key in continuing with the analysis of their perfect application

Functionalities and UI Design

Based on the research, we detailed a project analysis document, which presents the application modules, their functionality and dependencies. We created a full demo of the application, based on html statical pages, designed by our User Interface specialist. The aim: designing the application pages so the user interaction to be simple and fast, built only on the user profile and needs. Having the demo and the project details established, the risks of having an unsuccessful project were approaching to 0.

Development and Testing

From the database creation of the application to the most detailed front-end functionalities, the development team was guided by the main objectives: best user interface, lightning-fast performance and enterprise-level security.

The Solutions

Below you cand find a brief description and layouts from the solution we implemented to UNV RENTAL EQUIPMENT.

Equipment module

  • Real time updated database of over 100.000 items, about the equipment in inventory, on loan, damaged or lost by clients.
  • Advanced search engine tool for identifying the equipment items and their status
  • Easy to use manage tools (loan the equipment, new equipment entry, damage information, repair information) for the updated information regarding each item
  • Real time status of the equipment, updated automatically depending on it’s use by the UNV employees. The status is influenced also by syncing our software with the barcode software of all in and outs items.

Users module:

The profile is automatically updated depending on the activity refering to the client
Each client has a detailed profile, which contains :

  • An overview of the activity in the application. At a glance, the site administrator can identify what current loans the specific client has or if there are unpaid invoices
  • Detailed contact information and administrative information (details about the company, its liability), automatically updated from a commercial public database
  • The list of all the requests the specific client has, the past loans or the ongoing ones. Each entry has it’s own history, from the initial reservation to the return procedure (dates, responsibles of UNV that dealt with the loan, stats about each item during the loan)
  • Invoices: the list of all invoices, paid or unpaid, specifically marked depending on their date.

Equipment page:

  • Each equipment has general information and detailed technical information (with the possibility of adding user manuals or any kind of documents)
  • For an equipment the software manages the information of each item, like: status (in inventory, on loan, damaged etc), to whom it is loaned out, due date, related invoices.
  • Each item can be managed directly from the equipment page (add to a loan, mark as damaged, returned etc)


All the above are part of a global software designed to ease the work of UNV employees. The manage information tools, search engines, outer software sync – all these features are designed to be at the user disposal in an intuitive manner. So the software to be a pleasure to work with, a real help, and not a burden of itself.


"We are very pleased with the solution proposed and delivered by Concept24. During the project analyze they gave us a lot of usefull ideas to improve our business performace. Our business is running a lot more smoother with this web based software."

Marry Griffit 
Operational Manager 



USERS module


The Results
45% decrease of allocated time for a rental operation
35% increase in customer satisfaction degree
15% decrease of operational expense