We can develop an easy communication tool that can allow the users to talk about a great variety of aspects in the company day-to-day activity. With a custom discussion wall, the collaboration between your team members will be improved.



Lots of actual chat or messaging applications are either expensive (in terms of fixed monthly costs), either spamming or having viruses that may affect the devices the application is accessible from.

The discussion application can manage a great number of discussions, by quickly gathering valuable information from users of different location or who are not available by phone.

  • Messages between logistic and sales department
  • Discussions when launching a new special offer, when you need feedback or improvement proposals.
  • Messaging with the clients for which you grant access to the application.

All the above centralized, organized by subjects, ready to be monitored by you. 

CLICK on the picture below for SCREENSHOTS from our discussion software!


The Discussion software  / Discussion wall application can be used in relation with other solutions for following business areas:

Building a custom online business software is the best choice. It will perfectly fit your business. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation. 

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