When we design an e-commerce store or a lead generation web-site, conversion is our goal! We take into account all elements that can bust your sales on-line: navigation flow, trusted elements, interactivity, call to action and usability. Our designers are focused on using every pixel from your website with a single purpose in mind: a high conversion rate!

A web designer is much more than a person doing beautiful things  on the screen... As an example, one of the key factor that will influence the visitors in sending a quote, are the so called “trusted elements”. People need to trust you in order to ask for a quote. They will need answers to the following questions:

Does your customers appreciate you ? You cand aswer to the question by mentioning on the web site:

  • Testimonials
  • Logo of famous customers
  • Number of facebook likes
  • Case studies

Is your company a “ghost” company or a real one ? You cand aswer to the question by mentioning on the web site:

  • Your address
  • Pictures from your depo or office
  • Pictures with your team ( not royalty pictures )

Are the information up to date or you look like “we are not anymore running the business” ? You cand aswer to the question mentioning on the web site:

  • Latest news ( but to be really up to date … )
  • The last up-date of the web site
  • Local currency exchange rate for that day

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