How do we approach the web application development process?

1. Assign a team of dedicated professionals and experts to take your business to
the next level
  • Project Manager: understands your business and the goals you want to achieve with the web site or web application; is the person in charge with client’s communication; being the key member of the team it coordinate the Designer and Developers throughout the entire web development process.
  • Designer: a person with extensive experience in marketing and UI Design; it proposes the most efficient designs in terms of communication strategy, conversion, and UI.
  • Developer: knows the most effective solutions and programming technologies to create the desired functionalities.
  • QA: tests the applications during the development process and before launching.

2. Implementing the STANDARD methodology for project with medium complexity.

If the solution you need is not a very complex one, the standard methodology for web development services is the best choice.

A) In-depth marketing and business analysis for the most efficient features
We understand the business and it’s processes
  • Business process analysis
  • Analysis of products / services offered
  • Identification and analysis of decision makers or applications users
  • Identifying the differentiators of the company
  • Identification of the "trust elements"
  • Analysis of other web-sites and applications in the industry (domestic / foreign market )
We set the goals we want to achieve
  • The overall communication objectives
  • The objectives for web site / applications intended to be redesigned
  • Setting the call to action elements
We propose an efficient conversion architecture
  • Prepare the wire frame for the home page and the interior pages of the web site / applications
  • Identify menus, site structure
  • Defining the appropriate conversion functionality (forms , quotes, etc. )
  • Identifying information associated with products / services
  • Establishing sales funnels
All functionalities of the web application is documented in the “Analysis document”.

B) Performance oriented design for highest usability and conversion results
a) We use every pixel for selling
  • Analyze of the wire frames
  • Identify the possible communication routes
  • Identification of head-lines
  • Identify pictures
  • Positioning of the "trust " elements
  • Identification and positioning of the call to action elements ( command buttons , contextual elements of action, etc. )
  • Realization of graphical templates
  • Revisions on the layout based on the client feedback
C) Professional web development for a fast web experience
Customers and prospects desire fast, quality web experience on any browser, device, technology or network they could use: Based on the analysis documents agreed, using cutting-edge technology we perform:
  • database design
  • back-end functionalities
  • front-end functionalities
Our developers know the importance of:
  • using the latest PHP an MySQL versions
  • clean code development
  • modular code development
  • OOP programming
  • agile methodology
You will receive a powerful CMS that will allow you to update the content by yourself.

3. Implementing the SCRUM methodology for projects with high complexity.

If the application is a complex one, the main risk in the custom web application development process is to develop one that only “seems” to be the right solution for the company. This is because the end users are not involved in the planning and development process, the business process can change during the development process or the effort in defining every detail from the beginning is too hard.

The SCRUM methodology is used in this case for several reasons
  • We develop what is needed
  • The product is developed and tested on sprints (modules)
  • Changes during the project are welcome
  • Budget issues are open and transparent
  • Releases are made during the projects
The main principles of SCRUM are
  • Empiricism
  • Iterative and incremental development
  • Continuous
  • Team work
  • Servant leadership

The SCRUM methodology involves also the main activities described in the standard methodology: analyze, design and development. The difference is that the product itself, due to it's complexity, is defined and developed "on the road".


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