Why choose a Web Development Company from Europe/Romania?

World wide appreciated web developers
Having more than 64,000 certified IT specialists, Romania is the European Union leader in technology workers per capita and on the sixth position worldwide, according to Gartner Inc. (IT), a US research company. The open source PHP development programming language is one of the most used. Thousands of new students are graduating every year Information Technology faculties. The country is appreciated for its educational system that produce talented and intelligent web developers

The high-speed broadband internet ranking ( the 4th worldwide), is also one of the key factor that influenced the number of high quality programmers.

For these reasons, many worldwide IT famous companies decided to establish production and support centers in Bucharest. E.g.: Oracle (more than 2.000 employees – biggest headquarter in Europe), Microsoft (more than 400 employees) and SAP (more than 350 employees).

Romanian IT entrepreneurs succeeded in the development of world wide appreciated apps., that have been during the time acquired by top players in the industry (e.g. Microsoft bought RAV antivirus, Hoot Suite bought uberVU, etc.)

In 2013, due to the excellent IT expertise of Romanian specialists, the EU Committee decided to establish in Bucharest the European Office for combating cybercrime.

Competitive prices
Romania is not at this moment between the rich countries in Europe. Being an emerging economy, the web development outsourcing and PHP development outsourcing in Romania has highly competitive rates than in the UK, U.S and other developed nations. 

Romanian developers and project managers are highly competent and experienced with various development methodologies such as Agile / Scrum.

This is the reason worldwide companies find in Romania a very good balance between price and quality. Fluent English speakers
Romanian programmers and Project managers speak fluent English, a language that is universally accepted and used in the most countries of the globe. The good knowledge of English language helped programmers to work worldwide and to support multinational companies in their activity.


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